Affinity 2017
Paris, 25th - 29th June 2017


Plenary speakers

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Prof. Andreas Plückthun
University of Zürich, Switzerland

Synthetic binding proteins: pushing the envelope of applications

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Prof. Thomas Schrader
Universität Düsseldorf-Essen, Germany

Supramolecular Affinity Polymers Modulate Protein Function

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Dr. Anke Steinmetz
Sanofi R&D, Vitry/Seine, France

In silico design of therapeutic antibodies

Keynote speakers

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Prof. Niko Hildebrandt
Université Paris-Sud Orsay, France

Multiplexed detection of biomolecular recognition using time-gated FRET with lanthanide fluorophores

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Prof. Andrea Sinz,
Martin-Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, Germany

The Power of Cross-linking/Mass Spectrometry for Mapping Protein-Protein Interactions

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Prof. Katerina Kourentzi
University of Houston, USA

New materials for ultrasensitive reporting of molecular recognition for point-of-care diagnostics

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Prof. Zhen Liu
Nanjing University, China

Boronate Affinity Materials: from Class-­selectivity to Biomimetic Specificity

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Prof. Toshifumi Takeuchi
Kobe University, Japan

Protein corona-controllable molecularly imprinted nanogels in vivo

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Dr. Subrayal M. Reddy
University of Central Lancashire, UK

On the Sensitivity and Selectivity of Protein-based MIPs and their Application to Sensors

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Prof. Steve Cramer
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, USA

Focusing Multimodal Selectivity on Specific Protein Surface Regions for the Separation of Product Related Variants

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Prof. Karsten Haupt
Université de Technologie de Compiègne, Compiègne, FRANCE

Molecularly imprinted nanomaterials - synthetic antibody mimics for biomedicine and diagnostics

Affinity Award lectures

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Prof. Sten A. Ohlson
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

The Strength of Weak Affinity Interactions

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Prof. David Hage
University of Nebraska, USA

Frontiers in Affinity-Based Separations: New Chromatographic Tools for the Rapid Analysis of Clinical, Pharmaceutical and Environmental Samples

Social Program

June 27th

21h: Boat Cruise on the Seine (free)

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June 28th

20h: Conference Dinner in the famous Parisian Cabaret "Paradis Latin"

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